Last night I watched TV3 Buletin Utama. One of the segment is about one family which their children were sick. It was kidney problem. And they need money to treat their children. So the father wanted to take out his EPF money. He did fill the application form. But no response from EPF for a long time. When TV3 find out why, the EPF told TV3 that the father has submitted an incomplete form. This is the EPF reason for the delay. Actually it was unacceptable. If EPF encounter any problems regarding the application form, they should inform the applicant. They should not act like EPF money is their own money. It was simple right? Just imagine how difficult the applicant family who need the money badly. I think government officer should take more responsibility when processing application form. Don't just take it for granted. If people submit the application form, they must have their own reason. Everybody makes mistakes, just correct it. But don't just blame them and throw it away. This is one of the example of how public sector worker doing their job. Sluggish and unreliable.