My oren saga has already reach 25,000KM. Means it has to undergo a routine service. So, today I went to a spare parts shop to buy :

1. Syntium 800 15W-50 (RM83)
2. Oil Filter (RM8)
3. Air Filter (RM7)

All of the items costs me RM98.

Last time engine oil drain plug got leaking. It was because of the old crush washer that I neglected. So I just change to a new one. No more leaking.

A year old with a 25,000KM is quite mild in usage. However I believe that engine operation is more than that. Since my revving is at 3000 RPM average, mileage is not an indicator of the engine condition.

However, I started feeling that my saga was underpowered. Have to rev high (3000 RPM) to achieve its ideal torque. I am still finding out why this happened. By the way, I am not anticipate that my saga as powerful as waja. But, at least it not so sluggish enough to overtake.

So far the fuel consumption is still acceptable at 14KM/Litre. The power window switch is always malfunction due to the electric spark residue. Need to clean it regularly.