There's a debate on how far you should go with your engine oil. It depends on your engine oil you are using. Fully-synthetic can go up to 10,000KM. Whilst semy-synthetic also can withstand 10,000KM. And mineral can only streched up to 5000KM.

More specifically, I am using Petronas Syntium-800 (15W-50) and its a semi-synthetic oil. Before this I always change my engine oil every 5000KM. Until now, my mileage already clocked 30,000KM. The engine was good. The performance is 'OK'. However, I have read lots of article from the internet saying that semi-synthetic oil can go up to 10,000KM. Same with the fully-synthetic oil.

I am not saying they are right or wrong. Its up to them how far they wanted to keep the oil in their engine. For me as a moderate revving driver. I always rev my engine not more than 4000 RPM. The average is 3000RPM.

So I have decided that I will change my engine oil for my saga/iswara at every 7000KM. No more every 5000KM. For me, that's the safest way for my engine. 10,000KM is too long and 5000KM is too early. So, 7000KM is the best.

My next oil change will be at 32,000KM. Insya Allah.. :)