New Fuel Price

I haven't re-fuel my car last night. Fed up with the long queue at the petrol kiosk. It was a chaos everywhere in Malaysia because of the new fuel price. And now new price for petrol will be RM2.70/litre. Before this it just RM1.92/litre.

I am using iswara 1.3 (M). Before this I just filled in RM60 for my car. It was about 31.25 litre. And now with the same litre, it wil cost me RM85. This new petrol price really change my daily spending. I can't imagine how the person with low income will survive in this new situation.

For me, its true that I am really mad with the government. But what else can I do to change the fuel price. Life must go on. I need to change my daily life to suit with this environment. Need to re-structure my monthly account. And find new way on how to save money.

The are few rumours that fuel price will be increase again. Just wait and see. For Pak Lah, the only thing I can say is "You are SUCKS!!!! You and your cabinet of Dumb and Dumber...SUCKS!!!"