Engine Heating

Its been a week I drove waja. Yesterday I start my iswara. Everything is going well. The engine is in good condition. The sound is good. By the way, I am thinking to relocate the carb air intake to another place. It just to make sure it can sucks more cold air than before.

There were several project pending for my iswara.

1) cold air intake
2) air vents (front bonnet)
3) sport rims

Well, all of it required some amount of money. So I need to hold the project until the right time.

Today I am going to renew my road tax & insurance. It will costs me about RM800. And after I get the rebate (around Rm600), my road tax & insurance nett cost is about Rm200.

Its been a week my car is idling. No engine operation at all. The road tax and insurance will expire on 5th February 2009. And I haven't renew it yet. Maybe next week. Insya Allah. Actually I forgot where did I put my car's document. Never mind. This weekend, I will set up a team to find it... hahahah...

My car agent just called me regarding the road tax & insurance. Tomorrow, I am going to pay him RM710 for my new road tax & insurance. For saga lmst 1300 cc, it quite ok la with that amount of money.

But what if I renew it by myself, is it going to be much cheaper or what? This one I need to find out the answer first.

Last Saturday, I make a decision to DIY my power window switch. Hmm... but I forgot to take a photo step by step while I am doing it. However, everything is going great. Nothing is broken. Warranty is still intact (carefully remove the warranty sticker).

Actually there is a black residue from a electrical spark in the switch (contact point). Just remove the residue and everyhing is come back to normal again. But this time I don't know how long it can last. Maybe after this I want to buy an old iswara switch as proposed by the forumner. As they claimed that the previous model is more robust than the lmst model.

Yesterday read an article from one of the forum (www.sagaiswaraclub.com) regarding the LMST power window switch. Many of them having the same problem as mine. Its because of the switch. Well, i have tried take a look at the switch. But it was sealed with a warranty sticker. Means If I tear it up, it will void my warranty. So I am in dilemma right now. To do or not to do it. Actually it was only a simple procedure. Well, I am thinking about it.


1. DIY, clean the switch / void the warranty / if got problem with window after this, have to pay.

2. Send it to Proton COE Shah Alam / They will change the switch / Warranty intact.

So, maybe the switch is not so expensive.... I am gonna do it DIY style.... hohoho.....

Well.. I have an old pc (personal computer). It was P-III (266MHz) Desktop Tower. Hahahaha..... Given by Fara's uncle last year (2008). Running windows 98. Working very well so far. Currently stranded at my house. I am plannnig to make it as a download PC. So, my next move is to buy a PCI (wireless) network card... Hmm.. if it still exist (i hope so.... ).

  1. Weird sound coming from my bonnet. I think it is because of the strut bar that I installed two month ago. However it didn't bother me much since no other mechanical item affected.

  2. As I remember, 4 month ago, my left side power window switch already 'kong'. Went to Proton COE Shah Alam. Replaced with new one. Three weeks ago, the problem occured again. Planning to go there again. May be have to wait until the next service (20,000KM).

  3. So, need to close all the window and switch on the air-cond.

  4. End of this month, my roadtax will expire. Need to inject some money to renew road tax and insurance. Ahh.... koyak again....

  5. I am still figure out what is the ideal RPM for my car for me to shift gear. Before this I always shift at 2500 RPM. But my car feel so sluggish. Especially when at up hill. So now I am trying to shift at 3000 RPM. Feel more better. Even with the air-cond is on.

  6. And I can see that with the ideal RPM, we can optimize the fuel consumption.