I thought it was my fuel indicator was blinking. But its full. Then I realized it was my temperature indicator. It happened to my oren last 3 weeks. It shows that my temperature goes up until 4/6 bar.

There are several things was playing in my mind. The radiator is not working. Or the thermostat has kong'ed. Or the radiator fan is not working. So after the engine has been turned off, I open up the engine hood and find out what was wrong.

First, thermostat is working. Because the upper radiator hose and lower radiator hose is hot. Means the hot radiator coolant is circulating. No problem with thermostat.

Then after the engine is not so hot, I open up the radiator cap and I can see no rusty particles in my radiator. Means no blocked radiator pipe.

Finally the radiator fan. I start up the engine. Wait until its hot enough to trigger the fan. But the fan is not working. All wiring is in good condition. Then confirmed it was the radiator fan.

Luckily my engine is not overheat. To prevent that, I have to tow my car to the nearest service centre. For me, I still go to either proton service or eon service. Doesn't matter what people is talking about. Especially the price issue.

After I confirmed it with my mechanic, the radiator fan need to be replaced. It was APM radiator fan motor and it costs me RM500. Quite expensive right?

Now, my oren was back to normal. Leaving it with my sister to take care of it.