September 1st, 2009. Finally there is Ron95 at the petrol station. My oren saga still half tank with Ron97. However, I pumped in another half of Ron95 from petronas. So far, the engine running well with no problem at all. Eventhough my oren saga is carburettor type engine, it still doing well as a 1300cc engine.

By the way, I am having problem with my gear shift. Its quite uncomfortable with a rough feeling when shifting from

1. neutral to first
2. first to second (most difficult)
3. second to first

I still investigate the problem. Some said it because of the gear oil. Others said, the front axle or the clutch is not good. And several said it because of the gearbox itself. The mileage now is almost 30,000KM. Last time I change the gear oil was at 20,000KM service.