Yesterday, my waja battery flat-out while I was at IOI Mall, Puchong. It was no warning sign or any symptom at all that telling me that my battery was running out. Thanks to ALLIANZ towing service. My car was towed from IOI Mall Puchong to my home (less than 20KM). Its for free actually for their insurance policy holder.

Actually before the car get towed, I already tried to jump-start the car. But it still not working. All electricity to crank the engine was cutted-out due to typical flat-battery issue. Maybe the jumper cable is not power enough to support the current.

When arrive at my home, then changed the battery - Dry Cell- to a new one (Century) and everything is fine. It cost me RM220.

My old battery (GP brand) only lasts for 17 months (July 2009 - Dec 2010) before its sudden death (no warning sign at all). Remember to check your car battery guys !!!

Anyway, for those who are still having any car breakdown issue, don't forget your insurance company. They have provide us with very good service. Its left for us to use their service for our benefits and safety. Always bring along with you their hotline service number.

And thanks for those who support me yesterday :

1) My family (Wife/Newphew (Amsyar))
2) Pakcik
3) Fizah
4) Allianz (Credit to Towing Service - Mr Yong)
5) My neighbour (Joe & Shazrin)

** p/s: I am very satisfied with ALLIANZ insurance company. Because their response is very fast and very customer friendly.