If you are a fan of Top Gear or a Fifth Gear, you'll notice that they always talking about the fuel consumption of the car in miles per gallon (mpg). In our country, we are not familiar with this kind of term. However, with a little math... this is how it goes.

First of all, in my standard saga, the average fuel consumption is 14 km per liter. Usually, I will fill up 35 Litre for each session of re-fueling. Which I can go up to (35 Litre) x (14 km) = 490 KM.

Now, 1 gallon is equivalent to 3.78 litre. And 1 miles is equivalent to 1.6 KM. With my average fuel consumption, we can get these information.

a. 490 KM equivalent to 306.25 miles.
b. 35 Litre equivalent to 9.26 gallons.

Finally I will get by (306.25 / 9.26) which is 33 mpg. So, this is the fuel consumption they will talked about if they review the proton saga/iswara in the Top Gear or Fifth Gear... Hahahahha.....