Last time I changed my 'oren' engine oil was Jan 2011. Because of I am using petronas semi-synthetic 800 (15w-50), I am trying to stretch my mileage to 10,000KM. But until August 2011, my mileage hasn't reach 10 K yet. So I planned to downgrade my engine oil back to mineral.

My brother in law did that for me. He changed to Shell Helix HX5. But I am not sure whether it was 15W-40 or 10W-30. Now I am back to 5000K change interval. And I did some comparison between Shell Helix HX5 and PETRONAS Mach 5 SM 15W-40. I found that Petronas lubricant is much more better than Shell Helix HX5. Its due to the ACEA standard where shell is A2/B2 and petronas is A3/B3. And here is the summary.

Petronas Mach 5 Shell Helix HX5
ACEA A3/B3 A2/B2

So I planned to shift to Petronas Mach 5 for the next oil change which will be 54,500KM.

I realize that my 'oren' got some unpleasant issue. Engine vibrates due to low RPM about 600/700 RPM when air-cond kicks in. So far I am still investigate this issue closely.

It may be due to the :

1. Vacuum host that connects to the carb or
2. Belting issue or
3. Air cond compressor pulley or
4. Spark plug or
5. Distributor or etc etc...

1. Battery

I got meeting at Oldtown Kinrara yesterday. While I was starting my 'oren', it won't start. Then I knew it was the battery. Since I bought my 'oren' on January 2009, this is the first battery change. Its been 2 years plus now for that dry cell. And I already knew that its time for me to replace it. Last two weeks, I bought a new battery (dry cell) and just stand by it in my car.

This time I am using GP Nippon Maintenance Free Car Battery NS70.

2. Engine Oil + Oil Filter

Last time I change my engine oil + oil filter is in Jan 2011. And because of I am using semi-syn, I planned to stretched the mileage up to 8,000 KM for the next service. Its not the time yet. I have several mileage to go.

3. The rest, everything is still in good condition.

My saga has reach 45,000KM. At this mileage, its time to do some maintenance :

1. Gear Oil
Pending. Looking for a Castrol EP90 MTF.

2. Brake Fluid (Dot 4)
Changed. Use STOP OIL Dot 4 brake fluid. Its costs me RM50 including the
labour charges. Now braking much better.

3. Brake pads
Still in good condition. No need for a replacement.

4. Spark plugs

5. Air Filter

Engine oil has been changed. As usual I am using Petronas Syntium 800 15W-50. Several weeks
ago, I've done with wheel rotation.

Been informed by my mechanic that :

1. Clutch pad is not in good condition (minor).
2. Rear shock absorber is leaking (minor).
3. Engine oil leaking - its been a long time ago (minor).

Above matter is quite not cheap. Need to plan for a special budget according to highest priority first.