I am very upset with Proton. And I don't know what has happened to their engineers. It seems like proton is running out of new idea on how to improve their technology. They are always relying on other party (giant car company) like mitsubishi, citroen and volkswagon (unfortunately VW refused to collaborate).

What is in their mind actually? Its simple.. Learn from Hyundai, KIA, etc. Learn how they manage the company. Learn how they can increase their profit. Learn how they attract buyers and so on. Proton, you should come up with new model. SUV, MPV and so on so forth. Yesterday newspaper (utusan) claimed that proton will come out with tuned waja (turbocharged edition). Common la proton, are your engineer is sleeping or your management is having old and conservative thinking?? new model lah... not the upgrade one..

May be we don't know what exactly happened to you proton. But the point is, please do something to save your company. Reform your organization, come up with new model, new technology... What the hell are you doing with Lotus?? Buying the company and then losing you money managing that company? Without getting their technology? This is bad... too bad... If proton cannot attract our nation/malaysian car enthusiast, don't dream to attract international buyers laa...