On 1st May 2009, I have decided to service my lmst for the 20,000KM mileage. As usual, engine oil and oil filter is a must. And this time I changed my gear oil as well. Everything I did it by myself (DIY).

For the gear oil, I used two bottle of the above gear oil. Because LMST manual transmission need 1.8 litre of the gear oil. Actually I only found castrol manual transmission oil. But so far I think this oil is quite ok lah.

Because of my digital camera out of battery, I didn't snap the photo while I am changing the gear oil. So, I found that the gear oil coming out from the gearbox is quite dark brownish in color. Which is quite not good for my gearbox. But I haven't confirm it yet. Anybody who ever changed their LMST gear oil, I need your feedback regarding your old gear oil color.