Sunset Orange

My blog doesn't have the title. I don't know how to turn on that thing again. However, I can live without it. Manual car is more fun to drive compared to automatic. I don't care whether I was cought in the traffic jam or not. But for me, manual car is the best. That's why I prefer to drive my iswara 1.3 (MT) rather than my Waja 1.6 (AT). Its fun to drive manual transmission car.

Ok now the story is about my car. It was a Iswara 1.3 (MT) , 2007. Some will called it as Saga LMST. And some called it "Kereta Kebal". Whatever it is, it was an old tech car. Carburettor, rounded air filter, no ECU, etc, you named it. I bought it on Feb 2008. So far the fuel consumption for my car is 6L/100KM. Not bad huh! Its easy to maintain and when I have a minor problem, its not so technical to repair it by myself.

Until now, it still in its standard condition. But the steering wheel is so big. So I changed it to a sport one. Much smaller diameter and more easy to drive.

I keep on reading articel from the net regarding how can I improve my driving skill. Finding ways how to make my drive much more fun. In terms of handling, shifting technique (single cluthing & double clutching), heel & toe and etc.

All these skills are very important. Eventhough that technique is for racing car, but it really makes my driving more fun. I am not using it for street racing. And I found that those technique can make me drive smoothly and save fuel.

Once a month, I need to wax my car. The pic shown a residue from the wax that are difficult to wipe off. Actually red/orange color is the most difficult to take care. If you take for granted, you will lose your car color.

Before this the wheel was covered with wheel cover. But I took it off because of the wind resistance to the wheel. Some will say for the sake of sporty look. For me, 1) reduce wind resistance, 2) reduce the car weight. All these can lead to fuel saving. Even clean car can contribute to fuel saving. Because the air flow can be very smooth compared to dirty surface car. So I wash my car once a week. And wax once a month.

For the car maintenance, every weekend, I will do a total check up to my car (engine, tyre, etc). Check everything to make sure the condition is fine.