Once again my lmst power window switch is not functional properly. But this time the driver side is affected. So this is my step-by-step of how I did it.

1. The right switch still attached to the main panel. Unscrew both of the screw.

2. Carefully open the switch cover. This is how the switch looks like from inside when we dismantle it. As you can see, the red color shows that the contact point has an unwanted residue caused by the electric spark when you press the switch to make the window up/down. When these residue is too thick, it will blocked the contact point. No electric current to operate the power window motor. Make your window stucked. Remove the residue. I am using small head screw driver to scrape the residue.

3. Before and after the scrape was done.

4. Assemble the switch, put the cover back to its position and your power window switch is ready to go.

Caution !! Be carefull while removing the main cover. The plastic can easily broke.

The sounds "tok..tok..." appear as I turned my steering wheel (left/right). I realized that this problem occured since I installed my strut bar onto my iswara. I have been doing a research from the internet regarding these matter.

Several iswara user having the same problem as mine. Here are the candidates of solution.

  1. tie-rod which connect to the drive shaft is rusty
  2. steering rack teeth is broken
  3. strut bar bearing not properly installed
  4. b-pillar (at door) is loose
  5. steering got something connection loose
  6. cv joint problem (read the details..)
And some of the jargon is quite alien to me. However I will try each of the candidates to
determine what is wrong with my iswara. I hope I can provide some picture for our reference in the future.