My waja just exceed 120,000KM. Suppose to change ATF too. But only engine oil was changed. I have to save some money for more important things. So far no other critical issues. Maybe the suspension starting become more softer. Well, what can I expect for the 4 years old car. Cannot avoid the wear-and-tear.

For my oren, its much more easy to maintain. Now its already 45,000KM of mileage. Next engine oil change will be on 47k. Planning to change the manual transmission gear oil at 50k. Last two weeks I did the wheel rotation. Not much trouble with my wheel except the normal wear. After rotation will be ok. Ducaro GA is quite a good tyre. For the steering wheel, I changed it back to my favourite "momo ciplak". Engine performance still ok. Can't expect too much from 1300 cc carburettor engine.