100,000 KM

It was 4 years old and already reach 100,000KM of mileage. I am writing about our Waja. At this age, it can be considered as a critical age. Wear and tear issue is the major issue. Since 9th January 2009, I am using Continental conti-comfort 1 for a year. And my tyre "botak" already. So, last week, I replaced all four wheel with new tires. Now I am using 195/55/R15 of Goodyear Eagle NCT 5. It costs me RM 800. Hopefully it can lasts for a long time. To achieve that, i have to change my driving style too.

This is my new tyres :

Very satisfy with the thread.

The full side view for the new tyre.

Last week, went to Proton COE at Kesas Highway for a service. At this mileage, I asked them
to change the 1) spark plugs, 2) ATF Fluid and 3) Coolant.

The timing belt and engine belt has been changed at 80,000KM long time ago. Now the steering bush got little bit sound. Maybe the bush was worn out. Asked 'kedai', the bush will cost about RM100. Still need to survey several workshop regarding the price.