Proton Waja

Since I have to maintain two car at a time, I think I also should write about my waja. Actually its my wife's waja. Not mine. Its a Waja Campro 1.6 AT (without cam lifting tech). Its age is 3-years old and the mileage is 80,000 KM. I used this car only for long distance travel and high duty operation.

I am using Petronas Syntium 1000 15W-50(Fully Synthetic) as the engine oil. Original Proton ATF fluid for the automatic transmission. The service routine is at 10,000 KM interval. I DIY the engine oil, oil filter and others small routine maintenance. Except the ATF. I sent it to proton service. Because until now I have no idea how to do it properly. And I have the mind set of difficulties of finding the original proton ATF fluid.

No major problem since we bought this waja. So far the performance is very good. Except at some point the torque seems absent. Its normal.