Transmission fluid or gear oil is very important for our cars. Without it, its almost impossible for car to move. Maintenance for the manual transmission is much easier when compared to automatic tranmission.

The purpose of the transmission fluid (gear oil) is to make sure the gears are not overheated, less friction and running smoothly.

As stated in the Owner's Manual for saga (lmst), printed on 2006 by Proton; this model required 1.8 litre of manual transmission fluid (oil). The recommended grade of manual transmission oil are as follows:

  • Petronas GL-4 SAE 80W or
  • Hypoid gear oil or
  • API GL-4 SAE 75W-85W / 75W-90W
Some saga/iswara lmst owner claimed the that transmission fluid should be flushed out every 20,000KM. Some of them, 40,000KM and few people flushed their transmission fluid until they are having trouble while shifting their gears.

One of the main indicator shows that you should change your transmission fluid is when your gears are difficult to shift even your clutch has been fully depressed. However, its better for us not to wait until this thing happened. Regular maintenance/service can prolong the transmission lifespan.