I thought it was my fuel indicator was blinking. But its full. Then I realized it was my temperature indicator. It happened to my oren last 3 weeks. It shows that my temperature goes up until 4/6 bar.

There are several things was playing in my mind. The radiator is not working. Or the thermostat has kong'ed. Or the radiator fan is not working. So after the engine has been turned off, I open up the engine hood and find out what was wrong.

First, thermostat is working. Because the upper radiator hose and lower radiator hose is hot. Means the hot radiator coolant is circulating. No problem with thermostat.

Then after the engine is not so hot, I open up the radiator cap and I can see no rusty particles in my radiator. Means no blocked radiator pipe.

Finally the radiator fan. I start up the engine. Wait until its hot enough to trigger the fan. But the fan is not working. All wiring is in good condition. Then confirmed it was the radiator fan.

Luckily my engine is not overheat. To prevent that, I have to tow my car to the nearest service centre. For me, I still go to either proton service or eon service. Doesn't matter what people is talking about. Especially the price issue.

After I confirmed it with my mechanic, the radiator fan need to be replaced. It was APM radiator fan motor and it costs me RM500. Quite expensive right?

Now, my oren was back to normal. Leaving it with my sister to take care of it.

Its been two years since I changed my tyres. Last week, my tyres was put to sleep. After it kaw-kaw botak until its belted wire came out. Alhamdulillah, my family and I is safe. This time, I am using Yokohama C.Drive 2. It costs me RM240/tyre. It was a good tyre. But the rubber is quite soft.

Front shock absorber and absorber link has been changed. It was fully malfunction. All front and rear brake pads worn out. Well, my waja mileage is already 168,000KM. I still stick to the fully syntetic engine oil. Head gasket got leaking problem.

Another issues is the fuel tank host. Sometimes I can smell the gasoline. And I can see a minor leaking at the host.

Master power window switch has broken. Already went to Taman Equine Proton Service. They don't have the replacement part. Asked them to order. Don't know when can I get it.

My next service will be the timing belt and also the engine belt. Not forget the head gasket as well. However,   the engine performance still ok.

Can feel the brake pads has worn out. Engine performance is not so good. But still acceptable. Ducaro GA tyres still in good condition after 3 years of usage. Oil pan is still leaking. But not so critical.

Last time I changed my 'oren' engine oil was Jan 2011. Because of I am using petronas semi-synthetic 800 (15w-50), I am trying to stretch my mileage to 10,000KM. But until August 2011, my mileage hasn't reach 10 K yet. So I planned to downgrade my engine oil back to mineral.

My brother in law did that for me. He changed to Shell Helix HX5. But I am not sure whether it was 15W-40 or 10W-30. Now I am back to 5000K change interval. And I did some comparison between Shell Helix HX5 and PETRONAS Mach 5 SM 15W-40. I found that Petronas lubricant is much more better than Shell Helix HX5. Its due to the ACEA standard where shell is A2/B2 and petronas is A3/B3. And here is the summary.

Petronas Mach 5 Shell Helix HX5
ACEA A3/B3 A2/B2

So I planned to shift to Petronas Mach 5 for the next oil change which will be 54,500KM.

I realize that my 'oren' got some unpleasant issue. Engine vibrates due to low RPM about 600/700 RPM when air-cond kicks in. So far I am still investigate this issue closely.

It may be due to the :

1. Vacuum host that connects to the carb or
2. Belting issue or
3. Air cond compressor pulley or
4. Spark plug or
5. Distributor or etc etc...

1. Battery

I got meeting at Oldtown Kinrara yesterday. While I was starting my 'oren', it won't start. Then I knew it was the battery. Since I bought my 'oren' on January 2009, this is the first battery change. Its been 2 years plus now for that dry cell. And I already knew that its time for me to replace it. Last two weeks, I bought a new battery (dry cell) and just stand by it in my car.

This time I am using GP Nippon Maintenance Free Car Battery NS70.

2. Engine Oil + Oil Filter

Last time I change my engine oil + oil filter is in Jan 2011. And because of I am using semi-syn, I planned to stretched the mileage up to 8,000 KM for the next service. Its not the time yet. I have several mileage to go.

3. The rest, everything is still in good condition.

My saga has reach 45,000KM. At this mileage, its time to do some maintenance :

1. Gear Oil
Pending. Looking for a Castrol EP90 MTF.

2. Brake Fluid (Dot 4)
Changed. Use STOP OIL Dot 4 brake fluid. Its costs me RM50 including the
labour charges. Now braking much better.

3. Brake pads
Still in good condition. No need for a replacement.

4. Spark plugs

5. Air Filter

Engine oil has been changed. As usual I am using Petronas Syntium 800 15W-50. Several weeks
ago, I've done with wheel rotation.

Been informed by my mechanic that :

1. Clutch pad is not in good condition (minor).
2. Rear shock absorber is leaking (minor).
3. Engine oil leaking - its been a long time ago (minor).

Above matter is quite not cheap. Need to plan for a special budget according to highest priority first.

Yesterday, my waja battery flat-out while I was at IOI Mall, Puchong. It was no warning sign or any symptom at all that telling me that my battery was running out. Thanks to ALLIANZ towing service. My car was towed from IOI Mall Puchong to my home (less than 20KM). Its for free actually for their insurance policy holder.

Actually before the car get towed, I already tried to jump-start the car. But it still not working. All electricity to crank the engine was cutted-out due to typical flat-battery issue. Maybe the jumper cable is not power enough to support the current.

When arrive at my home, then changed the battery - Dry Cell- to a new one (Century) and everything is fine. It cost me RM220.

My old battery (GP brand) only lasts for 17 months (July 2009 - Dec 2010) before its sudden death (no warning sign at all). Remember to check your car battery guys !!!

Anyway, for those who are still having any car breakdown issue, don't forget your insurance company. They have provide us with very good service. Its left for us to use their service for our benefits and safety. Always bring along with you their hotline service number.

And thanks for those who support me yesterday :

1) My family (Wife/Newphew (Amsyar))
2) Pakcik
3) Fizah
4) Allianz (Credit to Towing Service - Mr Yong)
5) My neighbour (Joe & Shazrin)

** p/s: I am very satisfied with ALLIANZ insurance company. Because their response is very fast and very customer friendly.