Its 45,000 KM...

My saga has reach 45,000KM. At this mileage, its time to do some maintenance :

1. Gear Oil
Pending. Looking for a Castrol EP90 MTF.

2. Brake Fluid (Dot 4)
Changed. Use STOP OIL Dot 4 brake fluid. Its costs me RM50 including the
labour charges. Now braking much better.

3. Brake pads
Still in good condition. No need for a replacement.

4. Spark plugs

5. Air Filter

Engine oil has been changed. As usual I am using Petronas Syntium 800 15W-50. Several weeks
ago, I've done with wheel rotation.

Been informed by my mechanic that :

1. Clutch pad is not in good condition (minor).
2. Rear shock absorber is leaking (minor).
3. Engine oil leaking - its been a long time ago (minor).

Above matter is quite not cheap. Need to plan for a special budget according to highest priority first.


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